Why Choose PDP


We are respectful to our Clients, we hire based on attitude and we deliver based on motivation and ability. ‘’Good procedures don’t compensate for poor Management, but good Management will make up for poor procedures.’’

Project don’t get delivered by chance. All successful projects have these characteristics in common;

  • Adequately funded
  • Well planned
  • Well resourced
  • Measurable

All successful projects have one thing in common – good planning!

Our team are leading professionals in our field who have worked on the industries largest global projects, providing technical expertise and cutting edge solutions. Leading and participating in cross functional teams for troubleshooting and solution implementation.

Our approach is fundamentally built on the premise that excellent resources deliver great projects. We deliver by design and by default through the application of scientific methods, experience and technology.

We have a proven record in the industry in delivering safely, on time and on budget with desired quality. We have a relatively simple mantra: ‘’Quality is better than speed but speed is better than perfection.’’

PDP develops and champions an organizational culture that promotes behaviours that lead to excellent strategic thinking and innovative solutions to our clients challenges.